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Link Research

Search on Google for your main search terms (keywords) and find the websites that are competing with you. Then find which sites link to them by searching "link:www.competitor-domain.com".

Study and understand the following queries:

Who's Linking To Website?

Type in Search Box - link:www.your-domain.com

Example: california image


You may also want to try searching without www:


To find which page on the domain californiaimage.com is most relevant and has the most power for the query california image.

site:californiaimage.com california image (Google)

Search on Google for websites that are theme (keywords) related and complimentary to your site's topic, but not direct competitors, and ask them for a link exchange.


Linking Options

There are websites that sell links, and a quality site can provide value from a linking deal. It's possible to approach individual sites where you would like your links to appear. The key to success in the quality linking partners. You need knowledge and time to research every potential link partner.

Pay-per-click advertising link brokers (like Google, Facebook) offer links for sale on their websites in form of ads, and on behalf of other websites by placing your ad links throughout their affiliate network (Google). With these services you'd need a constant spending budget because you pay for every click no matter whether it converts to a sale/client or not.


Link Exchange

We know that websites need links to grow. The problem is that all links are different, and there are numerous ways a link exchange may go bad very quickly.

If you're not savvy you may easily get in a trade situation where the other side benefits from the exchange and your site suffers.

If you're to spend time and effort on exchanging links be careful not to sign up with spam websites or unethical webmasters. This apply also to link buying. Only trade links with quality sites where you can approach others personally and establish communication and trust.

Each site you want to link to, or get links from, needs to be thoroughly analyzed by a specialist who understands subtleties of the trade.

Do not join any link farms. Search engines disapprove of them and people don't use them.



Internal site linking, inbound, and even outbound links all are important for websites that want good search engine positioning to receive high quality traffic. Inbound links from related and/or quality sites and pages, with the right link text (your targeted keywords), are essential for achieving top rankings when there is any competition for the search terms among optimized websites.

While most websites do not naturally attract links, and link acquisition can be time-consuming, expensive and tedious, we still must do it, and it should be treated as an ongoing task.



Web Optimization (SEO) Tools

Web Tools:
SEO Tools

To Maximize Traffic
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