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Web Marketing SEO:

We have tools and knowledge to help your website to achieve high ranking among major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and draw more targeted traffic to create possible connections and customers using an array of proven search engine optimization and placement techniques.

We get results that put our clients on 1-10 positioning in about 75% cases, and 1-20 positioning in about 95% cases (results may vary and depend on how competitive your industry), give high PageRank, and bring quality traffic to your website.

All the results are visible and can be proven. We do real-time tests and provide screen-shots, web feeds, and trackable results.

SEO Process:

We begin with optimization of the pages of existing web site, or design new "search engine friendly" pages. Through the process of creating a beneficial combination of the web page content, correct Meta tags and keywords, descriptions and their positioning within pages, combined with the structuring and linking of the site we get pages that will produce solid results for the long term ranking and visibility of your website.

We test pages to make sure that website meets all the strict requirements of search engines.

We manually submit your site to search engines and directories, and confirm successful listing with every submission.

Additionally we can design and manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns with a highly effective Google AdWord program.

Please contact us with your questions and quote requests, or to discuss your unique needs:

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There are no shortcuts. Success of your website is dependent on a combination of quality content and thoughtful design, with precisely crafted Internet marketing program and sustained SEO effort.


About search engines:

While search engines offer the potential of driving thousands of highly targeted prospects to your site, the fact is that without Search Engine Optimization SEO, there is little hope these prospects will ever get there.

Yesterday's strategy of just submitting a site to search engines is no longer effective. You site needs to be build and optimized using latest search engines guidelines, SEO tools and techniques, and constantly promoted.

We offer an excellent search engine optimization and submission programs to get the highest positioning for your website on major search engines.

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Top 10 Program - Top 10 Position in Major Engines
(Note: Results may vary)

1. Index Express Submission - includes top Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing (used by 95.5% of surfers), AND Traffic Plus Program - Basic 100 Search Engines.

2. Optimized web pages - existing pages within your website are optimized for search engine detection and acceptance. This includes dedicated, thoroughly researched and optimized Meta tags, Meta keywords, embedded comment definitions and in-site and Internet linking.

3. Reporting - You will receive detailed report for each submission with confirmation for every search engine, FTP and other vital website statistics.

Note: None of the above steps will noticeably alter the display of your website. Our improvements are mostly done to the HTML code and are invisible to your viewers.


List of Major engines that your website gets listed with:

- Google
- Yahoo
- Bing

Plus secondary directories.


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